Teaching dogs.  Coaching People.


Training & Behavior Services


Looking for something different in dog training?  We pride ourselves on personalized, professional dog training. We draw from a big toolbox and use methods specifically tailored to you and your dog. From puppy lessons and basic obedience to complex behavior problems, we have solutions for you. 

Business Services & Consulting


Drawing on over 20 years experience, working with people and dogs, we can help your dog-related business take things to a whole new level.  From facility planning to staff training, we can help you do things better and enjoy work more while also saving time and money.  

Speaking Engagements

People are fascinated by dog training and behavior, and there are lessons to learn that cross over into business, human relationships, leadership and education.  We can design an informative, engaging presentation that gets your message across to groups of all kinds.


Dave Cameron created Cameron Canine Consulting to help people build amazing relationships with dogs.  We are capable of incredible communication and deep connection with these four-legged miracles, but it doesn't always go smoothly, and often following our instincts get us into trouble.  Most situations are improved when we learn to see things from the dog's perspective.  

We truly believe that all dogs behave exactly as they should, given their genetics, past experiences and the feedback they receive.  We can't change genetics or the past, so the only way to shape behavior is to intelligently manipulate the feedback the dog gets in order to build favorable new associations. Changing behavior begins and ends in the dog's mind, so the better we understand that mind, the better our results will be. 


Cameron Canine Consulting

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