Cameron Canine Consulting is the result of a lifetime of study and practice of the science and art of dog training, combined with a passion and awe for the relationships people build with their canine partners.  In nearly every human/dog relationship there is a potential for an incredible connection between species unlike those between all the other creatures of the earth.  Dogs have evolved beside us for so long that we have formed a unique bond.  They have developed an ability to read us better than we can read ourselves.  Unfortunately, our human nature sometimes prevents us from sharing effectively in communication with our dogs.  A little coaching and learning about how dogs think, communicate and interact with us can make a huge difference in how our relationships work.  Cameron Canine Consulting exists, not to produce obedience champions or agility trials winners, but to use an understanding of the social, behaivioral, biological and cognitive sciences to nurture the amazing relationship that is possible between you and your dog.

The philosophy of Cameron Canine Consulting is that when an owner is looking for help with changing their dog's behavior, if they want to be successful they need to recognize some truths.


  • Their dog's behavior is mostly effected by their environment.

  • The largest factor in that environment is the relationship with their owner.

  • The other factors of the environment are mostly under the control of the owner.

  • Therefore successfully changing the dog's behavior means changing the owner's behavior.


This doesn't mean you are at fault for all the things you don't like about your dog's behavior. It's not a question of fault, it's about learning to see your dog's behavior as a function of a system that you are a big part of.  We believe that if you want to change your dog, you have to be ready to change yourself.  


Contrary to what many people believe, the skills and knowledge necessary to shape dog behavior are not common knowledge and can be counterintuitive. It's OK if you need help.  We teach and coach people to change their behavior so they can give their dog the feedback it needs.  Changing the owner changes the feedback, changing the feedback changes the behavior, changing the behavior changes the dog. 

David Cameron
Owner & Trainer

I discovered my passion for dogs after college when I took a job working in a cageless doggie daycare in 1997.  I soon began reading anything I could find about dog training, as I was amazed by the complexities of dog behavior.  The 90's were a very interesting time to get into dog behavior - it was the turning point between the "old-school", punishment-based training of the past and the revolution of positive, reward based training.  I consider myself lucky to have gotten started when I did, as I got to see the pros and cons of both methodologies.  Through the next ten years I worked with dogs in various capacities ranging from traditional kennels to working as a technician in the operating room at a veterinary teaching hospital.   In 2007 I realized a ten-year dream and graduated from the Triple Crown School for Professional Dog Trainers in Hutto, TX (now the Starmark Academy).  Since then I have been offering dog training and behavior services through my business Cameron Canine Consulting as well as other providers.  

The Dogs:
Shaw, Kiwi, Fenris & Wyrm

My dogs have helped me in so many ways with my training.  They have patiently allowed me to practice my craft, given me the opportunity to try new techniques, assisted me working with reactive dogs, given my clients inspiration to reach their training goals, served as distractions for dogs working to improve their skills and have acted as ambassadors of their species -  assisting people overcome their fear of dogs.  

They have also provided me with countless hours of joy, helped me to become a better person, made me laugh with their antics, and generally improved the quality of my life in ways too numerous to even begin to mention.

Every dog that has come into my home has taught me so many valuable lessons, and sadly, they don't seem to live nearly as long as they deserve to. 

These are the dogs that currently grace my home.  

From Left to right:

Shaw, my food-crazed "border collie" that acts more like a lab,

Kiwi, terrier and my first big dog in a small dog package

Fenris, my old lady that I've had since her puppyhood

Wyrm, my high-energy exercise partner