Dog Behavior and Training

Sorry, but due to Covid-19 as well as changing personal priorities, I am no longer accepting new training and behavior clients.  Existing clients can contact me to schedule appointments via email. 

 We believe that the most effective way to change a dog's behavior is to change the feedback it gets in everyday life so that it chooses to behave in the way the owner desires.  The only way that can happen is if the owner changes their behavior.  Cameron Canine Consulting provides training to the dog's owner so that they can learn to shape their dog's behavior.

The first step towards reaching your training goals, whatever they are, is the consultation. Every dog is different, and every dog owner has a different understanding of dog training. Cookie-cutter, one size-fits-all methods can be successful, but they aren't the most effective way of approaching every situation.  Embracing the individual variation of the dogs and people we work with allows us to craft a training program suited to the specific human-dog relationship we are striving to improve.  To help you to achieve your goals, there are three distinct things we need to do, and the consultation is where that happens.  The steps are:

Determining where you and your dog are at right now

Every situation is different, and before I can give you any advice I have to determine where you are in skills, knowledge and experience.  I also need to assess where your dog is in relation to the goals you have.

Sharpening goals

We need to know what our target is and take careful aim before we start doing anything. Often people come to me with a loose understanding of how they want their relationship to their dog to change, or a fuzzy goal of how they would like their dogs behavior to be different in some way. An important part of the consultation is to make those goals more concrete and discernible.  

Charting a course

Now that we know where you are and where you want to be, we can fill in the gaps in your knowledge, teach you the skills you will need, and create a plan that will move you towards your goals.  

The consultation begins with a short online questionnaire that will give me a head start towards understanding your situation.  We will schedule a time for me to meet you in your home and progress through the steps above over the course of 60-90 minutes.  You will learn what you need in order to understand and change your dog's behavior, as well as some exercises that will move you towards that goal.  Often, the consult alone is all that people require to start reaching their goals.  In other cases, follow up sessions may be necessary.  It really is dependent entirely on how much work needs to be done, and how much  effort the owner puts in.  My goal is to get you where you want to be as quickly and economically as possible.