Business Consulting

Employee Training Solutions

If working with dogs is part of your business, it's imperative that your employees understand how to read canine body language. They also need strategies to safely, humanely and effectively interact with them. There are two ways to improve a skill - experience and training.  Training is simply condensed experience. Improving your employee training program is like building instant experience in your staff. We can design a training program tailored to your business that will improve productivity, prevent injuries, save time and frustration and improve employee job satisfaction.

Operations and Facility Improvement

We all want to be the best at what we do, and have pride in the place we work.  Sometimes, it's difficult for the people in a situation to see the opportunities for improvement.  Drawing on a wide base of experience in dog training, business management, kennels, dog daycare, and veterinary technology, we can help you find the places you can make your operations better.  Let us help you to get more out of your business.