Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

For dog behavior and training, the initial consultation is $149.  If needed, additional sessions are available at $99 per hour. Rates for business consulting and speaking engagements vary, please contact me at with your requirements and I will create a custom quote for you.

How many sessions will I need?

The answer to that question depends entirely on what your goals are and where you are now in relation to those goals.  The main purposes of the initial consultation is to determine those things and chart a path from where you are to where you want to be.  I'll be able to estimate how many sessions you will need after meeting you and your dog.  It's always my goal to provide the most value possible for your time and investment.  Often I'm able to get people moving toward their goals during the evaluation and no further sessions are necessary.  

I'd like to use your services, how should I get started?

The first step is always the initial consultation.  The best way to schedule it is to click the "book a consultation now" button on most of the pages of this website.  Emails and phone calls with questions and scheduling requests will be returned as time allows, but the realities of our busy lives can make it difficult for us to communicate using these means.  Phone and email inquiries from existing clients who have scheduled appointments will always be prioritized.  I wish I could take the time to answer all the inquiries and questions, but If I did, I'd spend most of my time on the phone and with email and far less time helping people and their dogs.  

Do you do XXXX training?

II do all types of training, but that doesn't mean using my services are always the best answer to your particular set of problems.  There are specialized areas of dog training, such as sports, therapy and service dog training that you may get more value or benefit working with people who specialize in those areas.  There are also situations such as basic or puppy training that I am extremely comfortable teaching, but you may get comparable results working in a group class or with a trainer with a different pricing structure.  Part of the consultation scheduling process includes a brief questionnaire.  If the answers you give lead me to believe that you may be better served with using a different trainer or other professional, I will tell you so, provide some suggestions, and gladly refund your money and cancel the consultation if you choose to use someone else.  I'm far more concerned that you reach your goals than I am about my income.

What are your training methods?  What is your training philosophy?

The best way to answer these questions is to direct you to the about page on this website.  If you want to get a better feel for how I think about dog training, feel free to check out my blog, which has lots of articles that can give you an insight into how I work and think about dog training.  If you have any questions after using those resources, feel free to email me, but be advised I cannot always respond to inquiries as quickly as I would like to.  Alternatively, you can book a consultation, and ask your questions on the questionnaire form that is part of that process.  This will bump you to the front of my reply queue, and if you aren't happy with the answers I give I'd be happy to cancel the consultation and refund your money.  

Can you train my dog to ....

That's not the right question.  The correct question is "can you teach me to train my dog to...". I'm not really a dog trainer, I'm a people-trainer.  In my experience, long term success is most likely when the owner has a complete understanding of how to teach and maintain their dog's behavior. If you are looking for someone to work directly with the dog, I'm probably not the right trainer for you.